• loyal

    Music: “Loyal” – 6LACK

    With the release of his newest track “Loyal”, the question of naming anybody else out of Atlanta with a more perfect track record than 6LACK continues to remain unanswered.

  • unnamed (2)

    Music: “Friends” – Jared Xavier

    Listen as Jared Xavier hops on Iman Omari production for his latest release “Friends”. The Pennsylvania emcee switches up his sound throughout the smooth track while still staying

  • qmT_ikIY

    Music: “Bum Liquor” – UGLYFRANK

    Since following UGLYFRANK’s career for quite some time, we here at ZillaNoise can’t help but wonder why this Washington artist isn’t a household name yet. Not

  • unnamed (1)

    Music: “Wake Up!” – Decap

    In Decap’s first appearance in our Producer’s Corner, the San Francisco-based artist’s release of “Wake Up!” finds us wanting to hear more. The awe-inspiring track features a mesmerizing sound and dynamic bass hits mixed

  • unnamed

    Music: “New Pirelli” – Eli Sostre

    A week since his last release “Passenger”, Eli Sostre returns with even more heat on his newest track, “New Pirelli”. Teaming up with producer Soriano, Eli shows off his versatile rapping abilities

  • unnamed

    Music: “Cycles” – Miles Knight

    As he prepares to release his forthcoming project, upcoming rapper Miles Knight gives listeners a preview of what’s to come on his latest track, “Cycles”. Produced by LosoTheBeatMaker, the track finds the


    Music: “Pure” – CJ Pure

    After over 9 months of time off, Philadelphia artist CJ Pure is back with his newest track, “Pure”. On the Txmmy-produced track, CJ Pure gives listeners his opinion on the current

  • Cg6k3Y8UoAA3Hhh

    Mixtape: “Never Heard Of Him” – A-V

    If you’ve never heard of rising star A-V, the Toronto-bred, Atlanta-based artist hopes to change that with the release of his latest project Never Heard Of Him. Entirely produced

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