Album Review: “Because The Internet” – Childish Gambino

gambino-because-the-internet-1388766220While the album was released during the final days of 2013, “Because The Internet” is easily one of the best projects of the year. To say that this is Childish Gambino’s best project so far is an understatement. His evolution as an artist is not only proven through the album itself, but in the honesty and creativity it took to create the collection. The screenplay, the short film “Clapping For All The Wrong Reasons”, and the movie to be released that goes with the album, are all extensions of the unique individual that is displayed throughout the compilation. While the music is only one part of the concept, the surprising transitions and twisted plot are what really makes “Because The Internet” such a standout album.

  1. From the very beginning, Gambino grabs your attention with the hard-hitting “Crawl”. From the bass-heavy backdrop to the feathery instrumentation at the end of the song, the track foreshadows the quality of the album.
  2. After fellow writer Profex made a comment about Juicy J and 2 Chainz on the remix to “Worldstar”, I can’t get the thought out of my head. The two would be perfect additions to the ignorantly intelligent track.
  3. Leaving the features to a minimum was an excellent decision made by Childish. The addition of Chance The Rapper’s voice on the hook of “The Worst Guys”, along with Problem’s infamous ad-libs on “Sweatpants”, were just the right touches to his unique sound.
  4. It seems like Gambino took some inspiration from artist Frank Ocean on some of the tracks on “Because The Internet”. The most obvious example, “Shadows” includes Gambino’s soft vocals on some pleasantly unique production.
  5. The release of “3005” had me looking forward to hearing Gambino’s singing more on this album, but I was not expecting him to create such a song as great as “Telegraph Ave”. From hearing fellow Decatur native Lloyd at the beginning and listening to Gambino sing along to the radio excerpt, to the actual lyricism, production, and storyline of the track, the song definitely proves to be one of the standouts on the album.
  6. The somber piano playing in “Playing Around Before The Party Starts” creates the perfect beginning of the next chapter on “Because The Internet”, similar to the inclusions of “Dial Up” and “Death By Numbers”. Breaking up the album into segments really aided to the flow of the story.
  7. Reading the script to Gambino’s screenplay while listening to the album really contributes in creating the perfect storyline to the album. “The Party”, quickly followed by “No Exit” find our protagonist not only questioning, but also challenging the concept of life.
  8. The production on “Zealots Of Stockholm (Free Information)” speaks for itself. Kilo Kish’s bubbly vocals only adds to the futuristic sound of the song.
  9. Do I smell a little Pharrell? Seems like Gambino was taking notes on some of the great sounds of 2013, a task that seems evident in his Jhene Aiko-collab, “Pink Toes”. Their cheerful collaboration is reminiscent of the same mellow vibe of their previous “Bed Peace” duet.
  10. No song has a better fitting title on the album than “Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer)”. The way Gambino completely cuts off the closing track at the peak of his verse leaves the audience wanting more.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

*originally published on TheRedefined.Com, now CrackTheCrown.Com.

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