Album Review: “+FE Music: The Reworks” – The Foreign Exchange


the_reworksThe Favorites:

  • “Love Songs” – Phonte ft. Sy Smith & Focus
  • “The Art Of You [Nicolay Remix]” – Sy Smith
  • “Fight For Love [Nicky Mendes & Brasil ’66 Remix] – The Foreign Exchange
  • “Games You Can Win [Nicolay Remix]” – RJD2 ft. Kenna

Diverse, original, and refreshing: three words that flawlessly describe the vibe one will receive when listening to +FE Music: The Reworks. The album features two discs of remixes of some of the highlights of not just The Foreign Exchange’s discography, but also the tracks of other artists on their label, including production artist Zo! and singer/songwriter Jeanne Jolly. For listeners who are not familiar with +FE’s associated artists, +FE Music: The Reworks delivers a stimulating taste of each artist’s individual sounds to newcomers while still highlighting the high production quality that is spotlighted throughout the project.

While other artists attempt and fail to release a compilation album of remixed songs without it sounding like a cacophonous mess, the Foreign Exchange Music family accurately produces a cohesive project while still remaining true to their crafts. The group even includes two new songs on the album, one of them being the opening “So What If It Is”, a melodic yet funky song filled with hard-hitting piano and smooth vocals.

At a time when the production side of the music industry is filled with trunk-booming 808’s and futuristic synthesizers, +FE Music: The Reworks provides beautiful instrumentation that will leave your ears wanting more. Soulful sounds of harmonious piano, funky drumming and hypnotizing melodies on tracks such as “Love Songs” and “Gonna Be a Beautiful Night [Zo’s Legendary Story Of a Star Remix]” provide a perfect balance with upbeat songs like “Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me” and “Electric Love.” As diverse as the remixes on the album are, their differences do not create a boundary amongst the fluidity of the project, allowing listeners to vibe through the whole album from start to finish without feeling as if they are listening to a compilation of different artists.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5  

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