Album Review: “My Krazy Life” – YG

ygThe Favorites:

  • “BPT”
  • “Bicken Back Being Bool”
  • “Do It To Ya” feat. TeeFLii
  • “Really Be (Smokin’ N Drinkin’)” feat. Kendrick Lamar

To compare My Krazy Life to Kendrick Lamar‘s highly acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city might sound like a stretch to the common hip hop listener, but hear me out. While lyrically, the album does not reach the  insanely epic wordplay and linguistic lashings that Kendrick displayed on his Grammy-snubbed project, the story-telling and overall concept of YG’s debut project matches the effort of Lamar’s release bar none. From the alarming, yet familiar sounds of his “Momma Speech Intro”, to the reflections of his gun-toting, gang-banging past on tracks such as “Bicken Back Being Bool”, “Meet The Flockers”, and “1AM”, the appropriately-titled project shares a deeper insight into the dynamic life of the West Coast rapper.

From the beginning of the bass-knocking “BPT”, to the feature-filled remix to “My Nigga”, listeners will be tempted to throw up the Westside with every track. Production features from Terrace Martin, Metro Boomin, and of course the ever popular DJ Mustard bring the 808-bumping, gangster sounds of the Left Coast to a speaker near you. If that’s not enough, verses and hooks from Cali favorites such as Kendrick Lamar, Ty Dolla $ign, Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock help YG tell the story of his past struggles. Fortunately, as much as the thumping beats might grab your attention (or even make you want to dance), there’s a track on the album for everybody and the plot will continue to reel you in with each song.

While singles “My Nigga”, “Left Right” and “Who Do You Love” uphold to be standout tracks on the album, their aid to the cohesiveness of the project proves to work in favor of the Def Jam artist, adding the concepts of loyalty, love, as well as the party life to his story. In “Sorry Momma”, semi-reminiscent of Pac’s classic “Dear Mama”, YG takes the time to apologize to the woman that brought him into this world for putting her through extremely hard times with his careless activities. Of course, no YG project would be complete without a couple of tracks dedicated to the opposite sex. “Do It To Ya” stands as an ode to the passion shared with his side chick, while on the opposite spectrum, “Me & My Bitch” serves as YG’s explanation of his current trust issues with women while also highlighting the fate of karma.

In comparison to YG’s previous releases Just Re’d Up, 4 Hunnid Degreez, and Just Re’d Up 2, the Compton artist’s debut album shows both his evolution as a rapper, but also an artist. Fortunately, for both YG and his fans, the off-beat rapping we once heard on tracks such as “I Wanna B Down” and “Pop It” is a thing of the past and it seems as if he’s finally found his lane with this project. For those of you assuming the album only contains tracks for the “ratchet, party-goers”, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by not only the general direction My Krazy Life takes, but also the in-depth musical journey it takes you on from beginning to end.

Rating: 4 out of 5

*originally published on TheRedefined.Com, now CrackTheCrown.

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