City of Savages: Revenge Fantasies Collection

If you haven’t heard about City of Savages clothing brand, you may want to make sure you’re not sleeping under a rock. Emerging onto the Atlanta fashion scene with their urban and grungy, yet picturesque style, it’s difficult to resist owning a piece from their collection. City of Savages’ designs are inspired by the social ills and thrills of urban life in America.


You may have already seen some of their pieces around the city, such as the popular Dirty hoodie and Zoo t-shirt shown above that paid homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Another music-inspired piece was the “Land of the Fucked” hockey Jersey that displayed “Amerikkka” on the front, in the likeness of Ice Cube’s 1990 Amerikkka’s Most Wanted album.

Recently, City of Savages released their “Revenge Fantasies” collection, and it is in no way disappointing. The collection consists of six hockey jerseys that are best described as savage, as the brand name implies, and a hoodie that is as trendy as other popular brands, yet still uniquely trend-setting.


My personal favorite from the collection is the “Fuego” Hockey Jersey. The jersey includes a clean and simple color scheme with a graphic that displays fire inside of a diamond and “Fuego” on the back. The piece features a high quality AK knit material for durability, so consumers will be rocking this dope jersey for an extremely long time.

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