Designs On The Rise: A Q&A with Atlanta’s Own Strife Co.

FOUR20Brand Name: Strife Co.

Established in: Aug, 2014

Creators: Bryan Cordova and Allison Dennis

Explain the name of your clothing brand.

Strife life is defined by the prestigious Urban Dictionary as a point “when your life is so chaotic, yet so haggard you have nothing left but a pair of socks and a mickey of wisers.” At the moment I was creating this brand, this definition had my life down to a science so I felt it was very fitting to name it accordingly.

 What kind of clothing does your brand sell?

Strife sells clothing geared towards anyone who loves Atlanta, genuinely fucking loves it. Anyone who loves everything about our amazing city, from its rich history to its diverse culture, and wants to show their pride in a way only a four letter word can truly express.

 image1Why did you decide to create your brand?

Raw and uncut, pure, grade-A necessity. I felt there was a necessity for a brand that spoke for those who wanted to show their pride and passion for this city in a way nothing else out there was providing. Also, the necessity to do something more with my life than a regular 9-5 which has never worked for me. In July of 2014 I was one month away from successfully completing rehab when I came to the realization I would be starting over from scratch with no job and unhirable at pretty much any corporate design firm due to my record. As a kid, I always wanted to someday design album covers or t-shirts so I figured this would be the perfect time to make something happen. I didn’t have a fucking dollar to my name at the time but I managed to borrow enough to print 30 Atfuckinglanta shirts and the rest is history.

Has your brand evolved over time?

I believe the people behind the brand have evolved and grown as individuals. We’ve become a lot more focused and organized but as far as the brand goes? At its core it has really remained the same rowdy and unruly, but yet clever concept that we started with.

image1 (1)Discuss some of the pieces from your most recent release.

A recent stand out release is our ‘Trap or Dye’ design which was a really fun piece. For the concept behind this design we throwback Thursday-ed the shit out of it to old school Atlanta trap music. I was a very young and impressionable kid when I first listened to Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 101. Back then, I remember rapping along with “Trap or Die” and thinking I was the most savage of trap lords. For one reason or another that phrase always stuck with me so I knew it would one day see some Strife action. When we discussed concepts for a tie-dye spring tee the wordplay this phrase provided was something we could not pass on. However, we can’t proceed without discussing Asslanta. Being in Atlanta during what seems like the golden age of ass appreciation is a wonderful thing. We wanted to come up with a dope design that gave women a way to show pride in their body and their city; hence Asslanta was born.

What are some major clothing lines that inspire you fashion-wise?

image3We try really hard not to look too much into other clothing lines so that we start out with a clean slate when creating. Of course, from just everyday exposure we come across a lot of what is out there but try not to let it completely cloud us as we go into designing new pieces. Allison is a lot more fashion savvy and that provides a lot of inspiration. I like to look at a lot of high-fashion brands when it comes to color theory and design placement, I can just never remember the names of all the brands she wears.

What are some of your favorite pieces your line has released?

Talk about a touchy subject. This is a whole lot like asking us to pick out our favorite child in the sense that we have to go with the one with the most potential and most likely to be able take care of us in the future. We can’t deny the strength of the original Atfuckinglanta design which is a classic at this point. Some of our other favorites have to be the ‘Trap Rap Made Me Do It’, ‘ATLiens Exist’, and the ‘Trick or Trap’ Halloween design.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

Hands down the groupies. A close second though is the fact that people love what we love to do. It is mind-blowing to see the response and support we have gotten from our fellow ATLiens in the short amount of time we have been doing this. As long as they are behind us we will keep doing this for them. You have no idea how fucking awesome it is going out and getting to meet people in Atlanta and actually getting cool with them on personal levels. It is also great to see all the doors this has opened up for us when it comes to meeting and working with new people.

What is your least favorite part about being a fashion designer?

The homework for sure. There’s tons of paper work and organization that comes with this and if you don’t have that in order shit goes downhill quick. It is super boring but necessary so we do it but it is for sure our least favorite part of it. I have never been the most responsible person around but I’m quickly learning otherwise.

StrifeWhat are some of the designs & styles of your brand inspired by?

Mostly, we are inspired by everyday experiences of ours and others around us. Of course, we are inspired by the insanely diverse Atlanta culture. Another major inspiration of ours is music. Music can change moods and create feelings; which is something we hope to achieve with all of our designs. We like to think a huge reason why we resonate so much with our audience is because we put feelings or thoughts they have had before onto clothing. It is not too crazy to think that a lot of us have been going out for the night and seen the bright lights and life of the city and just thought to ourselves “Atfuckinglanta” with a smile?

How would you describe the current fashion scene in Atlanta?

Free for all. Atlanta is so diverse that really you can walk down the streets and see a little of everything these days. I don’t think there really is just one way to describe the fashion scene. I think we wear what we want depending on how we feel.

When is the next release?

Our next release will be available on May 29. We are really excited about this one too. Since baseball season is in full swing we are releasing a ¾ sleeve baseball tee. The shirt has a twist on the classic ‘Screaming Savage’ chief design. The chief is a skull and it has the phrase ‘Brave Till the Grave’ on it. We are huge fans of Atlanta’s own Two-9 and the phrase was inspired by their “to that grave dirt” lyric.

Where can interested customers purchase your apparel?

Our shirts are only available online at this point but we are currently about to start making the push to start being carried in stores throughout Atlanta. Currently we release 4 collections per year and those are available at but each month we also release limited quantity exclusive releases at Everyone can stay updated by following our Instagram or Facebook page @strifeco or our twitter account @StrifeCoATFL.

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  1. Bryan you already know it’s the hottest shit out, you just gave up on the strife (favorite child). Now like I’ve said before, you’d be a dummy if you didn’t start it back up. You already know Paulding county and douglasville need that Strife Life support lol. I’m just sayin dawg, I know greatness when I see it and this is definitely the right move. I say, do it my nigga! We all need it now more than ever.

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