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[teenswim] EP

“I’m just a teen growing up with my dad’s face. And my dad’s middle name for a first name. When it came to losing I was in first place. Yeah. Growing up on TV, I learned the power within. But adults get mad when you’re following them. Cus everything we say, they say we following friends. And everything we do. They think we following trends.”
-LΔRΞPSTΔЯ’s “Teenagers”

The Internet once again proves its splendor in connecting complete strangers through hyperlinks. Renovating a Tumblr I curate, I took notice of a page that reblogged some of my posts. The call to action–in all capital letters–read, “[teenswim] EP is out now”.

Forever open to new things and music to share with my friends (because sharing new shit is great), I clicked through some links and located LΔRΞPSTΔЯ’s SoundCloud.

In the short time it took for the page to load, [teenswim]’s solid aesthetic and cohesiveness presented itself just as quick. The project sounds like a collection of songs made to listen to in sequence versus a grab bag of best available tracks. For the readers and lovers of a la carte material, “Teenagers” has lyrics attached.

LΔRΞPSTΔЯ explains [teenswim] as “various experiences of the teenage spectrum”. Staying true to that age range, there’s plenty of in-love-out-of-love-but-fucking vibes, introspection into generational gaps, self-esteem wrestling, and proper pop culture references.

In bars like, “You can’t bite me orange peels on your teeth/I’m too hot do the fire drill when you leave/Stop drop and roll, I’m saving you the grief/”, LΔRΞPSTΔЯ preserves the overall meaning of his project (the meaning of being a teenager) displays his potencies as an artist; his golden moments are found in how he renders heavy material digestible.

Favorites: “Teenagers”, “The Turn Down”.

Listen below or on SoundCloud. Follow Jack Lester for ZillaNoise updates.

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