Listen: “The Bitch is Not Enough” by Sebastian du Noir

In the superhighway that the Internet is, sometimes it’s hard to find things or people that stand out, especially right away. The stars, moons and quasars lined up in the post moments of a nasty retrograde, landing my cursor right to Sebastian du Noir’s tweet that was teaser material for a potential project.

At the moment I’d never heard or come across du Noir, a Houston based producer who goes by “THETITTIES” on Twitter. But goddamn (save my soul later) the artwork for Fuck Bitches, The Girl is Mines grabbed my attention harder than the curves outlining Georgia Peaches. So, I explored..

Naturally, I hyperlinked to du Noir’s SoundCloud. If you love ignorant, nasty titles and a cohesive body of artwork, consider yourself in luck. The first trio of songs I played were “32DD”, “No Pantie$, No Leather (I Might Buy The Bitch)” and “B Cups Blossoming”–which contained a layer of moans underneath booming drums.

For a full dive into du Noir’s production, start with The Bitch is Not Enough, a nine-track project with ample decayed drums, booming 808s and tastefully executed samples. TBINE is perfect for playing on the speakers in the loft as du Noir provides a soundtrack that feels like trap, but much more buoyant and woozy.

Listen to The Bitch Is Not Enough below or on SoundCloud. Follow Jack Lester for ZillaNoise updates.

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