photoUpon launching ZILLANOISE.COM back in August of 2013, our mission was simple: to give you, the audience, the best in upcoming and underground talent. Whether it’s art, fashion or music, our mission has simultaneously remained the same while multiplying our efforts to find the best visionaries in each respective field. As we relaunch this May, ZILLANOISE.COM promises to continue its efforts in finding your new favorite rapper, your next t-shirt purchase, or your new favorite piece of work by your new favorite artist. We’re not here to find the next big star, and we’re also not here to parade around the same artists that get the same shine every day. Simplistically put, we’re here to find & meet dope people doing dope shit. The movers and shakers in the city of Atlanta might get our love first, but with the right talent and support, ZILLANOISE.COM will be the number one outlet for all things underground across the country. This is only the beginning of the madness and mayhem to come. Don’t say we never warned you…

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