Mixtape: “How Much For The Quarter” – Kris J

For the community of kush connoisseurs, finding the right album or playlist to smoke to is an important part of the experience. Fortunately, Columbus native Kris J’s newest project How Much For The Quarter provides the perfect soundtrack to your 420-related activities. The 7-track tape features hypnotizing production from Natural Disaster, Kangaroo and Ithinkwegotit as well as a single feature from fellow emcee TEZ. From the very beginning, Kris captivates the audience with a relevant and familiar clip from the 1999 classic film, The Wood, and continues to keep our attention with standout tracks such as “Possible”, “Sho Nuff” and 6 Swishers”. Check below for the stream and click here for more of Kris J’s music.

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