Mixtape Review: “A Glorious Cool EP” – Omen


  • “So Special”
  • “Official” ft. King Mez
  • “Brooklyn Lager” ft. Voli & Elite

“The reason I did this project was not because he made some hot beats. It’s really to show my appreciation for somebody that had a true impact on me as an artist.” – Omen, “Genius.”

Commonly associated with Roc Nation artist J. Cole, producer and rapper Omen recently dropped A Glorious Cool EP in honor of his favorite producer of all time, J Dilla. Rapping over a plethora of both well-known and rare Dilla beats, the Chicago rapper puts together a solid tape that simultaneously acts as a teaser for his future music.

There is no argument that Omen lyrically holds his own. Thankfully, at a time where many rappers put on a fake façade as to who they are, Omen stays true to himself and raps about what he knows and the life he truly lives. The Midwest rapper even lays his singing vocals on tracks such as “Look of Lust 2,” the sequel to the track off his previous tape Afraid of Heights, and “Thin Air.” As a tribute to Dilla, Omen also places a skit in the middle of the tape entitled “Nothing Happened” where Dilla himself speaks on how he and singer Erykah Badu recorded her song “Kiss Me On My Neck.”

Unfortunately, despite the project’s legendary production and sufficient lyricism, one can easily get bored while listening to the tape. Compare this tape to Omen’s prior release Afraid of Heights, and it almost seems as if he held back or “dumbed it down.” Whether it’s the way his often monotone voice sounds or his style of wordplay, the EP can easily sound like one extended song instead of eleven separate tracks. Fortunately, A Glorious Cool EP can still be considered a better work of art than many other projects that have recently dropped from other artists today.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

*originally published on TheRedefined.Com, now CrackTheCrown.Com.

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