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  • Break From Toronto
  • Wus Good / Curious

We’ve heard it all before. The drug references. The tainted love. The sexy strippers. So what makes it different this time? Delivery, ladies and gentlemen… delivery. As simple as it might sound, the delivery of OVO’s newest addition PARTYNEXTDOOR is guaranteed to catch your attention no matter how familiar his sound may or may not be to you. Some listeners have already compared the Ontario native’s music to a combination of the likes of those such as The Weeknd and Future all wrapped in an emotional bundle of Drake. Unfortunately, despite his unique sound, PND’s latest release proves that while the artist does have his own style, he’ll need more than a feature from October’s Very Own to catapult him to the top of the R&B game.

The 10-track compilation consists of PARTYNEXTDOOR taking his shot at the popular rapping/singing combination that many of today’s artists have been trying to pull.  While it proves to work in his favor on some songs such as “Make A Mil” and “Wus Good/Curious”, the often-whiny sound seems to be a little too much on other tracks, specifically “Wild B*tches”. With Drake being the only feature on the tape, it comes to a surprise that their collaboration “Over Here” doesn’t reach the same caliber as standout track “Break From Toronto.” Using a “Girl With The Tattoo” sample from Miguel’s All I Want Is You album, PND continues the theme of the original song by creating his own ode to the strip club.

While his unique and spaced-out sound will bring PARTYNEXTDOOR into the bright lights of R&B’s spotlight, the Canadian artist will have to do a lot more to prove himself as a musical individual. With a voice that echoes and harmonizes on hooks just as French Montana’s and Kevin Gates’, along with a subject matter that repeats the fate of The Weeknd and Drake, these strong similarities might prove to be a challenge for him in the long-run. Regardless, PND has successfully grabbed our attention and interest as to see how far his career will take him.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

*originally published on TheRedefined.Com, now CrackTheCrown.Com.

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