Mixtape Review: “The Separation” – Problem


  • “Talkin Too Much”
  • “Bang Bang” (feat. Bad Lucc & The Game)
  • “Drop That” (feat. A2thaK)
  • “Like Whaaat” (feat. Bad Lucc)

Disclaimer: If you’re not a fan of the new sound of West Coast music (insert DJ Mustard adlib here), then this tape is not for you. For those of you that have the tendency to bounce while you throw a W in the sky during the West Coast portion of club music (don’t worry, I’m from Georgia and even I do it), then this tape was definitely made for your likings. With talks of Compton rapper Problem possibly being signed to T.I.’s Hustle Gang records, it’s only a matter of time before the Diamond Lane recording artist takes over the music scene. With his single “Like Whaaat” currently dominating every radio station across the country, Problem’s The Separation follows the same vibe as the hit single while still providing enough variety for new listeners to check out the artist’s actual rapping talent.

In a recent interview, Problem himself admitted that being a lyrical assassin was never his main goal through his music. “I’ve never been that deep, I just do the songs and have fun…” This is evident throughout the tape on tracks such as “Drop That” and “Do It”, a track that almost stands as the twerk follow-up to Travis Porter’s “Ayyy Ladies”. Despite this, listeners get a different sound from Problem in his confessional track, “Talkin’ Too Much”. The 21-track compilation features verses from other Left Coast rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Badd Lucc, Game and Glasses Malone and even includes other well-known artists such as Wale, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and more.

The production on the tape is handled by many West Coast producers; League of Starz being the main credit while also including Beat Boy, The Invasion, Cali legend Warren G, and even two tracks produced by Problem himself. While some listeners may complain that the beats throughout The Separation sound very similar, the recurring resemblance adds to the cohesiveness of the project, providing Problem with the perfect backdrop to paint his upbeat Cali lines on. Equally entertaining and enjoyable, The Separation is a perfect addition to your summer playlist and an ever better follow-up to his previously released mixtapes. Although broadening his horizons as far as sound wouldn’t hurt him, the tape stands to embody all the factors that make Problem the West Coast rapper that he is.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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