Mixtape Review: “The Yellow Album” – Dom Kennedy


  • ‘We Ball’ ft. Kendrick Lamar
  • ‘My Type Of Party
  • ‘Gold Alpinas’ ft. Rick Ross

After the release of Dom Kennedy’s latest single ‘My Type Of Party’, the buzz and eagerness for The Yellow Album seemed to never end. The hype was even elevated to another level when the rapper took to his Twitter stating, “It’s not a mixtape, we just giving it away for free.” Even though it can be considered as one of the most highly anticipated projects of the summer, Dom Kennedy’s latest compilation has raised a plethora of mixed feelings from the California rapper’s fans. While some agree that the tape is undeniably another great release from the artist, others believe that the free album was filled with overly corny struggle bars, sappy love songs and extremely repetitive hooks. As to whether it truly lived up to the hype is solely in the ear of the beholder.

Although the topics Dom Kennedy has rapped about in the past fall into a broad range of subject material, the West Coast rapper seems to have lyrically “dumbed it down” for his newest project. In almost a mainstream effort, the lyrical content of The Yellow Album sticks to the three basic fascinations that many artists discuss today:  Money, girls, and the high life. The female aspect of the tape proves to be the main subject of the whole project and is specifically illustrated in tracks such as ‘Girls On Stage’, ‘5.0 |Conversations’, and the first half of ‘PG Click.’ Despite this, Dom is still capable of delivering his dominant lines in other tracks including ‘We Ball’, ‘Been Thuggin’ and ‘Hangin’.

Regardless of the minimalistic content, the production material on The Yellow Album falls nothing short of classic Dom Kennedy material. Hypnotic beats such as My Type Of Party’ add just the right laidback and relaxing vibe to the tape that sets Dom apart from other West Coast rappers. We Ball’ features an appropriate rant from pro-wrestler Ric Flair, adding to the overall concept of money and fame on the album. An Aaliyah sample in ‘Gold Alpinas’, which features a verse from Florida native Rick Ross, smoothly blends with the rappers’ flows and lyrical matter of the song. Along with the Teflon Don, Dom includes the features of other rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Too Short, Freddie Gibbs and Niko G4.

The Yellow Album, despite its lack of lyricism and redundant commercial foreshadowing, has still pushed Dom Kennedy even higher on the scale of mainstream artists.  While it will put the rapper in the limelight of new fans that have never heard of the O.P.M. lifestyle, it cannot be compared to his other works including The Original Dom Kennedy or From The Westside With Love II. The rapper’s hidden attempt to form a radio-friendly project might have worked for him this time, but has caused him to lose some of the qualities that have kept his fans anticipating more music from him. Maybe next time, we will be able to get some of the classic Leimert Park material out of Dom, but for now… this will do.

Rating: 3 out of 5

*originally published on TheRedefined.Com, now CrackTheCrown.com.

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