Music: “Get Down/Lay Down” – Jabbar (of Lousy Human Bastards)

If you’re not already familiar with rising hip-hop group Lousy Human Bastardsit’s not too late to catch on. Consisting of members Snubnose Frankenstein, MitchGoneMad, Seawright and Jabbar, the Douglasville, GA-based crew has effortlessly shaken up the Southern rap scene since forming in 2011 and continue to do so with their releases today. If it isn’t their effortless rapping abilities and innate wordplay execution that immediately grasp your attention, it’s the group’s natural chemistry that proves to also be impressive. Add that to the wide range of production the group raps on, with influences spanning from jazz, hip-hop, experimental rock, orchestral and even worldly fusions, and Lousy Human Bastards will quickly become one of your favorite acts.  The latest release from the camp comes from Jabbar as he teams up with producer Ron Shaw for “Get Down/Lay Down”. Check below for the stream and click here for more of his music. Be on the lookout for Bad Blood The Album coming soon.

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